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Free Estimate

We start with our free estimate and examine your roof system to identify the problems and prepare a detailed estimate, which will include the price of the labor and materials.


We will draw up an agreement and walk you through the process of choosing the best roofing material for your specific needs, look and budget, and then schedule a date to start working.

Prepare the Worksite

We will respect and protect your property - taking our time to remove lawn ornaments or furniture, covering shrubs and plants, and preparing the area for the materials to be delivered.


We will remove your old roofing material, and we will inspect the roof deck for damage and rot. If there are any repairs that need to be made, we will discuss them with you.


Our trained professional installers will begin putting your new roof on.


We complete a final clean-up to be sure that we remove all loose shingles, nails, etc. And restore your property back to its original condition – or better!

During the Final walk-through...

We’re almost done, but not before we discuss your warranty coverage, give you some maintenance tips, and hopefully, you’ll get roof maintenance to preserve the life of your new roof.

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Who We Are

We at Roofers of Rome, LLC all want the best looking home on the block, and one of the ways to achieve this is with your roof.

Your roof is one of the first things people notice when they see your home. A poorly maintained roof that’s sagging, damaged, or worn doesn’t offer that beautiful look you desire, but worse, it’s not protecting your home the way it needs to.

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Our Georgia weather can put our roofs through many potentially damaging elements – rain, wind, and freezing. These will affect the structure of your home and bring the outside elements into your home.

Ensuring the health of your roof and making sure it’s free and clear of any leaks, missing shingles, or water damage, you must have a qualified licensed and insured roofer in Rome Ga.

Roofers of Rome is a reliable contractor in Rome, Georgia putting our customers before the project. We offer workmanship and craftsmanship that surpasses all others.

Why More Local Homeowners & Businesses Choose Us Over Other Roofing Contractors
We proudly service all of Rome Gerogia, offering you peace of mind with both residential and commercial roof repair. We don’t take being a quality roofing company lightly, our clients home are treated as if they were our own.
Upfront Pricing
Guaranteed Service
Trusted Technicians
We Offer Top-Notch Roofing Services

It doesn’t matter if you're in need of a new roof, roof repairs, or new construction roofing on a custom-built home; We got you covered! We are the Georgia roofers your neighbors call.

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Rome GA Roofing Company
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Do you have a roof leak? Has your roof been inspected lately? There is no task too big or too small that our dedicated team of roofers cannot handle. You’ll find that we’ve got you covered for your residential and commercial needs with a proven track record for providing amazing customer service and high-quality roofing materials that extend the life of your roof.
Fully Licensed & Insured
A+ BBB Rated
Available For Residential & Commercial Roofing
Locally Reviewed & Highly Rated

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Residential & Commercial Roofing

Both our residential and commercial roofing professionals are licensed and insured. It doesn’t matter if you need simple repairs or a labor-intensive roof replacement; you can rest assured that your home or business roof will be installed with the highest quality materials by trained professionals.

Choosing the best materials will be determined by your needs, aesthetics, protection, and budget. We want your home to be the most beautiful one on the block while offering long-lasting protection.

Roof Repair

In most cases, whether or not your roof can be repaired or needs to be replaced is an easy one. Having a leaky roof doesn’t always require a new roof. Often the cause can be isolated and repaired. Replacing missing flashing or re-caulking will help to protect your roof from further damage.

Roof Maintenance

Weather will affect your roof’s quality. With over 18 years of experience, we have the first-hand experience with the damage it causes. We also know how to protect your home better, and roof maintenance is the key ingredient. Ensuring your roof is ready for another rainy, cold, and hot season will prevent damage, and your roof will last longer. It’s never too late to start regular roof maintenance, so if you just bought your home, installed a new roof, or want to preserve its life, this will be the way to go.

Metal Roofing

Metal roof systems have become a popular choice for both homeowners and commercial building owners. They offer a long-lasting life of protection to your home, and you’ll have plenty of choices of designs and techniques to choose from. You shouldn’t trust just any Roofing Contractors Rome Ga has to offer to install this type of roofing. Using a company that is trained in metal roofing will ensure it’s properly installed.

Roof Replacement

Your roof is more than just shingles. Each component of your roofing system plays an essential part in protecting your home - shingles, drip edge, flashing, caulk, ventilation, and underlayment. The proper installation of each is crucial to your roof’s life, the protection of your home, and curb appeal. Our qualified and skilled team of professional installers will go over all of your options and help you to choose the best materials. We will make sure you have the style you want and the protection you need.

Commercial Roof Replacement

We’re experienced commercial roof replacement experts providing high-quality work for our customers and the ability to replace and install a wide variety of commercial roofing systems.

Single-Ply Roofing

This affordable roofing system is best for low-slope applications.

Modified Roofing

This weather-resistant and durable roofing system are durable. It’s a suitable choice for flat roof replacement.

Built-Up Roofing

Multiple layers of alternating bitumen and asphalt felts are great protection from water and weather.

Metal Roofing

Extremely popular due to its durability, design options, and low maintenance

Steep Slope Roofing

Shingles, slate, tile, and synthetic roofing is perfect for a steep slope.

rome weather can affect your roof

Choosing The Best Roofing Material

There are times when a new roof is inevitable, and you’ll need to select the right roofing material for your new roof. Choosing can be difficult with all of the different options. Understanding your choices often helps to narrow down the choices and making well-informed decisions.

Asphalt shingles are the most popular for a handful of reasons; the price is the most common. But these lightweight shingles come in a variety of styles and designs that will offer you the look you desire. This material usually lasts up to 20 years.

Metal roofs

Metal roofing is an excellent green option with different types of metals and styles to choose from. This environmentally friendly material is both durable and energy-efficient. This means your energy bill will go down. With a lifespan of 40-70 years, depending on the metal you select, this gives you a real bang for your buck.


Slate tiles have the longest lifespan and come in a variety of rot-resistant material - ceramic, clay, and concrete. This cost-effective choice will last between 50 - 100 years. Tiles are not the best choice for steep slope roofing systems because they are too heavy.

Tips For Choosing The Best Roofing Rome GA Company

Finding the right company can be overwhelming. There are a ton of Roof repair GA companies in and around the area.

old tiles replace roof rome
What to look for
Here are some helpful tips that will allow you to narrow down your choices.

Most of this information can easily be found online with very minimal searching and will help you to eliminate companies quickly. Pricing is often an important factor for selecting a roofing contractor, but choosing based on price and expecting the highest-quality work is a contradiction. 

While price should, of course, be part of your decision, you should take into consideration the length of time the company has been in business if they are licensed and insured, their reputation, and the type of materials they’ll use.

Rome GA Roofing Company
Rome roofing experts on the job

What Does Rome Roofers Offer

We provide roofing services that we are proud of and provide warranties to back our work.

Besides top-quality roofing services and excellent customer service, we also offer a worry-free warranty. Between our warranty and the manufacturer’s warranty, your roof is covered. Improper installation will result in void of manufacturer warranties. This is why choosing a qualified installer is so important.

It’s never been more important than right now to have your roof inspected. It will give you the information necessary for your roofing system’s condition so you can be prepared for the next storm. Weather damage can be costly, inconvenient, and oftentimes preventable. The early detection of a problem will often prevent further damage.

Most often roof wear and damage have been happening long before the leak came about. With regular roof maintenance, this could have been caught and prevented from progressing into a full-blown leak.

Whether we’re talking about your commercial or residential property having your roof inspected before and after a major storm to inspect the various components of your roofing system will prove to save you a ton of money in the long run. This will prove to be helpful with any insurance claims due to damage from the storm.

Way too many people don’t worry about their roof until the damage is severe. This leads to spending a ton of money and aggravation that could have otherwise been avoided.

At Rome Roofers, we’ll inspect your roof’s current conditions make the necessary minor repairs to prevent them from becoming major costly repairs. There could be potential damage on your roof right now from that tree branch that came crashing down from the high winds we had. Little did you know that it pierced a tiny hole in your roof, and water is getting underneath your shingles, and you will soon have a problem.

We’ll talk with you about the problems you noticed or are experiencing. We may need to access the inside of your home if you have a leak. We will need to see the area to make the process easier.

Our inspection won’t take long. Generally, we’ll be in and out in 30 minutes, depending on the size of your roof. This is more than enough time to determine what repairs you’ll need. If the damage is extensive, we will want to go into the attic to inspect your roof’s structure.
Upon finishing the inspection, we’ll determine the next steps to correct any problems and put together the estimate. This will include a price for both material and labor costs.

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Got An Insurance Claim?

An insurance claim can be stressful. It’s confusing and time-consuming. We can help take the stress off of you. We know what they want, and we can collect all of the photos to help you to prepare your claim.

Property damage from rain, hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, lightning, hail, and wind are common in Georgia. It can be devastating, which makes filing a claim that much harder for you. We’re experienced with these types of claims as they are among the most common and frequent in our area. Did you know that your weather-related property claim has a 32% chance of being denied? That’s often because you did provide them the right information, your roof maintenance isn’t up to date, and you didn’t get the information into them soon enough.Let us take care of your insurance claim and take away as much stress as we can.

Here Are Some Common Roof Problems
With our Georgia weather, roof problems are common, especially roofs that are regularly inspected for issues before the change of seasons. Every season comes with a new potential hazard to our roofing systems.
asphalt rome roofing
Water Damage

Water damage is an enemy to your roof when it gets under the shingles and causes mold to grow inside your home. Freezing rains, poorly designed roofing structures, flat roofs, improper installation of your roof are all causes of potential water damage.

Wind Damage

High winds are the leading cause of missing shingles. Our cold winter winds, accompanied by sleet and hail, will weaken your shingles while big gusts of winds will blow them off your roof. The wind loosens and causes old or damaged roof shingles to blow away partially or altogether. Getting your roof ready for the cold winter months will protect your roof from this harsh weather, making sure your shingles aren’t worn, damaged, or susceptible.

Roof Leaks

Leaks occur for many reasons - tree limbs and branches, worn and cracked shingles, missing or damaged flashing. Regardless of the cause, getting your roof repaired as quickly as possible will prevent further damage.

Missing or Damaged Flashing

Your roofs flashing is a defense against water entering your home. The most common result of missing or damaged flashing is leaking in your home. Sometimes the leaking won’t be noticeable right away and the longer this continues, the more damage it will cause. Resulting in a more expensive repair. Getting this reinstalled will prevent or fix the issue.

Damaged or Missing Shingles

Roof shingles will show visible signs of damage, and this damage, whether it’s from age, wind, or trees, will expose your underlying and get under your shingles and wreak havoc on your home. Waiting too long will possibly lead to the replacement of your entire roof.

With regular roof maintenance, you could avoid many of these issues. We’d come out each new season to inspect every inch of your roof to ensure it’s free and clear of any damage that would only get worse. Repairing a few shingles or caulking is much cheaper than replacing the entire roofing system because shingles were blown away and the water damage caused rot in the roofing deck.

Call us a call today to learn more about our maintenance program and prepare for the change of weather.

Your Search For Your Georgia Roofing Company Is Over

Call us today and schedule an appointment for a free estimate. We’ll be happy to come out to inspect your roof and discuss any issues that we find. Don’t worry; we won’t pressure you into anything. We specialize in replacing old roofs, new installation, and repairs of slate, tile, metal, shingles, and flat roof systems. We’ll make sure that you choose the best choice of materials that will not only offer you the protection you desire but curb appeal and budget. Rome Roofers is committed to superior installation and excellent customer satisfaction. We're proud of our great reviews, and it’s why we’re known as one of the best Roofer Rome Ga and the reason we’re selected most often by homeowners and business owners throughout the surrounding areas. Stop searching and give us a call today.

What Makes Us The Best Roofing Rome Ga Has To Offer?

We understand just how stressful roof repairs and roof replacement are. Your life often revolves around finding your roof until the project is complete. You’re calling different roofing companies asking for estimates, trying to figure out which company is the best, hiring a company, and being inconvenienced with the noise and mess.

But your roof is important; it keeps your family and all of your belongings safe. It protects your home from water, wind, and heat. You want to make sure that you hire a professional that knows what they are doing and uses quality materials.

Our excellent work and extensive portfolio showcases our 18 years of experience. We know exactly what needs to be the right way.
You can see the difference with our high-quality workmanship.
We complete our jobs within the timeframe you were given, and we’ll leave your home looking better than it did before.
Our extensive list of satisfied customers has earned us the reputation of being one of the best Georgia roofing companies in the area.

Most of our jobs are from referrals because they were happy with our work’s quality, and we take pride in this achievement.