How to Install Roll Roofing

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Roll roofing is easy to install. You have three different types of systems you can use which include glue-down, torch down, and peel-and-stick. Each of these comes with its pros and cons. For example, peel-and-stick is much more expensive, while torch down requires a good amount of experience. This is why glue-down is the most common choice.

You can install roll roofing over your existing roof, but only if it’s a single layer of existing roofing coverage. Putting it over more will not only add extra weight to the support of your home it also reduces the lifetime of your new roof. 

Rolled roofing is easy to install and fairly cheap, so how good is it? This choice of roofing is used for sheds, shops, garages, and other unoccupied structures. You wouldn’t use this on the roof of your house.

While you do not need to use an underlayment with roll roofing it is always a good choice as it will give you an additional layer of protection.

Step One: 

You’ll need to install a drip edge around your roof. This will protect the edges of your roofs sheathing from water. You’ll cut the aluminum flashing with tin snips or shears and then nail them to the roof using high-quality weatherproof roofing nails or screws.

Step Two:

You’ll then need to prepare the valley by cutting an 18inch wide strip that will cover the entire length of the valley. Be sure that you are nailing it down with a roofing nail that goes at least ¾ of an inch into the roof deck. These nails will be 1 inch from the edge and 6 inches apart from the next. 

Then you’ll cut another strip that is 36 inches wide and cover the strip that you just nailed down. 

Step Three:

You’ll now need to measure 35 inches from the outside edge of the drip edge and snap a chalk line that is uniformly 35 inches from the edge of your roof.

Step Four: 

Now you’re going to unroll the roofing to match the length of your chalk line and then cut it. This sounds easier then it actually is. There are a handful of tools such as a hook-blade utility knife that you can use to cut along the cut line.

Step Five:

Place the roofing align with the chalk line and nail it along the edge along the drip edge, making sure that the nails are spaced 6 inches apart. As your nailing be sure that you are getting any bubbles out as you go. The roofing will extend 1 inch past the drip edge.

Step Six:

Now measure 34 inches from the top edge of your roofing upwards and snap a chalk line. After cutting a piece of roofing to match the length you’ll need to put a layer of glue on the previously installed row. Put it along the top edge of the first row.

Step Seven:

Grab roofing cement and brush on a 2-inch wide strip to the top edge of the installed roofing. Press the next row into the cement while it’s still tacky and place the nails along the bottom edge. This will allow the nail to go through both rows of roofing.

Step Eight:

You’ll continue this all the way to the peak of your roof and then you’ll continue the same process on the other side. 

Step Nine:

Place a layer of roofing over the peak so that it overlaps both sides of the roof using both glue and nails.

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