Rome Roofing Services

We are a roofing company located in Rome Ga. We are dedicated to providing high quality services in Rome and the surrounding areas.

Why Should You Hire A Roofing Company?

Hiring a professional roofing company like Roofers of Rome, LLC ensures that your roof is in the best hands. Our experienced team of roofers specializes in various roofing services, ensuring high-quality workmanship and long-lasting results. By hiring our experts, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your residential or commercial property is protected from the elements.

Roof Replacement in Rome, GA

Roof replacement is a crucial investment in your property, and Roofers of Rome, LLC is the best choice for this important task. Our team of experienced roofers will assess your current roof and recommend the most suitable replacement option for your needs. We specialize in various roofing materials, such as asphalt, metal, and TPO, ensuring that we can provide the perfect solution for your property.

Roof Repair Rome, GA

Roof repairs are essential for maintaining the integrity and longevity of your roof. Our skilled team of roofers can handle various repair issues, including storm damage, leaks, and ice damage. With Roofers of Rome, LLC, you can trust that your roof will be repaired quickly and efficiently, minimizing any potential damage to your property.

Roof Maintenance in Rome GA

Proper roof maintenance is essential to extend the life of your roof and protect your property. At Roofers of Rome, LLC, we offer comprehensive maintenance programs designed to keep your roof in optimal condition. Our expert roofers will conduct regular inspections, identify potential issues, and address them promptly to prevent costly repairs or premature replacement.

Commercial Roofing

Discover the difference that Roofers of Rome, LLC can make for your commercial property with our exceptional commercial roofing services. Our highly skilled team specializes in installations, repairs, and maintenance of various commercial roofing systems, ensuring the utmost protection for your valuable investment.

Residential Roofing

Upgrade your home with Roofers of Rome, LLC's unparalleled residential roofing services. Our team of dedicated professionals is ready to help you transform your property by installing, repairing, or maintaining your roof to the highest industry standards. Experience the confidence and satisfaction that comes from trusting your home's most vital protective feature to the experts.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is an excellent choice for both residential and commercial properties due to its durability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance requirements. Our expert roofing team is skilled in installing and maintaining metal roofs, ensuring that your property is well-protected and looks great. With our metal roofing services, you can enjoy a long-lasting roof that withstands inclement weather and high winds.

We bring professionalism to the roofing industry.

Your roof is the biggest investment you make in your home; it’s the first line of defense and protection from the outside elements. It’s exactly why choosing the right company to take care of the maintenance, repairs, or installation is important.

Fully Insured

At Roofers of Rome, LLC, we're fully insured to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your property is protected while we deliver top-quality roofing services.

Accredited Company

Roofers of Rome, LLC is an accredited company, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, quality, and customer satisfaction in the roofing industry.

Quality Materials

Roofers of Rome, LLC uses only premium-quality materials, ensuring your roof's durability, energy efficiency, and long-lasting performance.

Quality Maintenance

Our expert roofers at Roofers of Rome, LLC provide top-notch maintenance services, keeping your roof in optimal condition.

Reasonable Price

Roofers of Rome, LLC offers reasonably priced services, ensuring you receive exceptional value and quality without breaking the bank.

Complete Inspection

Roofers of Rome, LLC provides comprehensive inspections, meticulously assessing your roof's condition to identify and address any potential issues.

Locally Owned

Roofers of Rome, LLC is a proud locally owned, veteran-operated company, committed to serving our community with integrity and excellence.

Free Estimates

Roofers of Rome, LLC offers free, no-obligation estimates, allowing you to make informed decisions about your roofing needs with confidence.

Our Clients Love Us

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roofers of rome google review
roofers of rome google review
roofers of rome google review

We understand all types of roofing, and being from Georgia, we know the harsh weather it has to withstand as well. We’ve seen it all wind damage, tree limbs, damaged shingles, leaking, and damaged flashing.

So no matter what your looking for, whether it’s a simple roof repair, storm damage inspection, or roof replacement, you’ll find that we use only the highest quality materials available.

We’ll take our time to work directly with you to determine what type of roofing material you like best and what your budget is. We’ll make recommendations based on your needs, and we’ll stay within your budget.

Our goal is to make sure your home is the best-looking home on the block and aim to offer the best possible roofing services,

Our highly trained and licensed team knows all about the wide variety of roofing materials. This extensive knowledge will aid in meeting your needs in any area of roofing.


Roof Repairs

If there is any damage or signs of wear, you shouldn’t wait. Taking immediate action will keep further damage from water seeping under the shingles and rotting the wood sheathing beneath. Ignoring the problem will prove to be costly and exactly why roof maintenance is so important.

Roofing Companies Rome GA

Roof Replacement

If your roof is over 20 years old it’s likely that you will need to replace your entire roof. It can quickly become overwhelming. Choosing the best roofing material will improve functionality and increase its protection. We will help you to decide what choice of material suits your needs in appeal, functionality and budget.

As a licensed and insured Georgia roofing company specializing in both residential and commercial properties, we understand how important it is to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Our free roof inspection will determine if there are any major or minor issues with your roof. Depending on what we find or don’t find, we’ll make recommendations for the repairs or replacement.

If your home suffered damage due to a storm, we’d help walk you through the process and have all the documentation you’ll need to file a successful claim. This will take the stress from you and give the necessary confidence that you have everything you need to file the claim.

Your roof is your first line of defense, and if there is one crack, one dent, one single thing that will compromise its integrity, it will be compromised. This is why roof maintenance is so important, and we offer various packages to make sure that we catch something before it becomes a more significant issue.

Give us a call today so we can schedule an appointment for a free roof inspection.

This is our promise to you regardless of how big or small the job may be:

Provide you with excellent customer service coupled with the highest quality materials with service you can trust.

Excellent communication. We will keep you informed of the entire process.

We’ll guide you through the Insurance Claim process to ensure your insurance company isn’t taking advantage of you. They don’t want to pay you so having a professional telling you what to say will prove to be helpful.

Get started today with your repairs or replacement by calling us to schedule an appointment for a Free Estimate.